Hate the World

by Estonia 1944

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Recorded live at the Shiva House
November 10th 2012


released November 10, 2012



all rights reserved


Estonia 1944 Denton, Texas

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Track Name: Populism, I
Alone in my mind, happens all the time.
Once again I face this fate. How much long will I wait?

Wrecking my brain going insane.

I keep pushing, you keep shoving.

Say it to my fucking face.
Track Name: I Hate My Friends
I hate you more each time we meet.
Divine given right for you to succeed.
Bring it on yourself, the spotlight you need.
Suffer you fucker, live your life as a fucking leech.
I hate my friends, and they hate me too.
It's nothing I can change.
I hate you.
Track Name: Judgement
In this life there are no answers.
Swarm from above they kill like cancer.
Nations fall with no trace.
To them we aren't the human race.
Slaves to the harvest what they need.
Never to be set free.
Pawns in the game they play.
Just wait until Judgement Day.

They will conquer, we shall suffer.
They will conquer, we shall suffer.

This whole time feeding us lies.
Not knowing what is inside.
Stand up and fight with defiant fist
Brainwashed army, I won't enlist.
Choices made,
we're not free,
Foundations laid,
the cracks I see.
Track Name: Goya (Black)
No more clear skies, no more dry eyes.
Burn it to black.
Darkened city, one burning light.
Covered in ash.
Everything goes black, how will you react?
You can't see the world has been destroyed.

Born to learn,
learn to hate,
hate the world.

Burn to black.